Giant TCX Advanced Pro long-term review

07 December 2023

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“Initial impressions suggest the Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 will be perfect for winter cyclocross and, after spec changes, fast, summer gravel riding”

BikeRadar Digital Writer, Jack Evans reviewed Giant’s TCX Advanced Pro, gifting the Cyclocross bike a solid 4 out of 5.

Wanting to reacquaint himself with Cyclocross racing, Evans put the TCX to test in multiple environments that contained towpaths, bridleways and competitive cyclocross races.

Although the TCX is designed for the technical outdoor conditions of cyclocross racing, Evans suggests that it also makes a capable gravel bike.

The TCX has the clearance for wide gravel tyres up to 700x45mm which is uncommon for some cyclocross bikes.

However, Evans claims “This should broaden the bike’s scope beyond smooth gravel tracks, making intrepid bikepacking a possibility.”

What did Evans make of the TCX?

Evans had positive ride impressions from the TCX. Debuting the model at the Aerocoach Gravel Hill Climb in Worcestershire, the 2km kilometre course is a gnarly gravel surface with an average gradient of 6%.

With the TCX being nimble and stiff uphill, Evans writes “The TCX’s precise handling helped me take the best line past ruts and adverse cambers.”

Having joined the West Midlands Cyclocross League, the TCX performed on the big stage.

Evans writes “When re-accelerating out of corners and stomping through thick mud, the TCX felt sharply responsive. Its oversized bottom bracket area, which Giant says increases stiffness, may contribute to the sensation of efficient power transfer.”

On the topic of performance, Evans found the GRX RX-600 drivetrain to be fast and precise. He also found the seatpost and frame to react to uneven terrain positively.

He claimed “on the few stony descents I’ve done, the frame and especially the D-Fuse carbon seatpost have felt smooth, despite running relatively narrow (by gravel standards) 33mm-wide cyclocross tyres.”

Coming back to the earlier point of the TCX being capable in categories outside of cyclocross, Evans highlights, “On tarmac, the TCX gives the impression that, with faster tyres, it could enable you to cover ground at speed and in comfort.”

To conclude, the BikeRadar writer summarises the Pros of the TCX as “Balanced handling; racy geometry; responsive acceleration; compliant frame and seatpost”.

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